Automated database backup for SPC High Earner

SPC high earner comes with an automated database backup feature that periodically backs up your entire joomla database to a folder on your website and sends a copy of the backup to your email. It also sends a copy of your backup to your ftp location specified on the settings page. 

To configure your automated backup,  go to your SPC admin settings page,  click on the additional settings tab and set the following configuration:



Backup Interval in hours (Set to 0 to disable periodic database backups to email)

Send database backups to this email (optional. put your email address)

Ftp host (optional)

Ftp user (optional)

Ftp password (optional)

Allow me to manually download backups from here (optional. Leaves a copy of your backup on a folder on your server which you can download or delete on the admin settings page)


That's all. Your download will be done automatically at the interval you have specified.



Online Payment:

We have Added a new Payment Method, you can now pay for SMS on

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DND Issue Resolved:

The default sender ID are now rUPDATE to MTN.  Whatever sender ID you use to send SMS will automatically be  replaced by the new default sender ID. Please, endeavour to add your sender name in the message to indicate it is from you.

With Our corporate route, your messages will enjoy real-time magic delivery to all Nigerian numbers regardless of the DND status. We shall keep you posted on the progress we are making. Thank you for your perfect understanding.

Please note: SMS Charges to MTN is now 2 units/SMS.