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Cron Settings for SMS Scheduling

  A cron job allows you to run a certain command at times set by the job. For example, you
could set a cron job to run a php file at specific intervals. You need to set up a cron job in order for scheduled SMS to work.
Follow the instructions below to setup cron job for SMS Portal Creator.
To access the Cron Jobs Menu, click on the corresponding icon located on the main screen
of your cPanel interface.
Cron Job
The upper section of the Cron Jobs interface allows you to specify the email address where
you would receive an email each time a cron job is ran for your account.
Cron job Email
You can enter the desired email address in the text box or leave it blank and click the
Update Email button to apply the changes.
The next (lower) section of the Cron Job interface is where you actually set your cron jobs.
Cron Settings
There are several common settings that can be used for setting up your cron jobs. In the
example above we are showing how to setup sms cron job to run every minute. Under
"Common Settings", select "Every minute" or configure it as shown above.
Cron Job
Under the command, type
php /home/user/public_html/components/com_spc/smscron.php .
Substitute "user" with your cpanel username so that if your cpanel username is "coolsms1",
your command will be
php /home/coolsms1/public_html/components/com_spc/smscron.php.
Note that there is space after the php.
Once ready setting up the cron job click the "Add New Cron Job" button and it will be saved
and activated for your account.
The bottom part of the Cron Jobs interface will allow you to edit or delete existing cron jobs.


That’s all you need to do for sms scheduling to work properly.


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