How to Setup SMS Mobile App

Step 1

Download the ZIP file here: 

Extract the downloaded file on your computer.

Edit the config.xml and js/main.js files and change every instance of [appname] to the name of your app, change [description] to the description of your site and change [domain] to your domain in the format without http:// or slashes at the end of your domain.

Please note: Files to edit are config.xml and js/main.js

You can use search and replace to edit the files.

Once you are done, zip the folder again.


Step 2

See list of phonegap supported mobile platforms here:

Login to You may need to register for a free account if you don't already have an account.

Click on New App at the top right hand corner.


Click on "Private" to create a private App and click on "Upload a .zip file".



Once your upload is complete, click on "Ready to Build".



Now click on the name of the App.



Select your IOS key, Android key and Windows publisher ID. If you have not obtained these keys, instructions are available on phonegap for obtaining keys for supported platforms. IOS,



You can now download your Apps and make them available to your customers.


For phonegap support, please visit


SMS mobile app! New and existing users can easily use this app to reach family, friends and business associates by installing this app on their mobile phones.