Bulk SMS Portal Creator V4 Complete Manual

SMS Portal Creator is the world's most powerful Bulk SMS Portal Solution for Bulk SMS Business. You don't need to understand any programming  languages, the portal is user-friendly.

Save time and energy today and start making money in no time. SMS Portal supports every major HTTP SMS Gateway in the world.


SMS Client Management

Message Management

Phonebook Management

Detailed Billing

Credit Management

Mobile Apps

Online Payment Integration

SMS routing and much more.


The SMS Portal Component has two Major Menus: Administrator Menu and Members Menu

Both Menu has several icons performing different functions.

The Admin Menu: This menu is strictly for the administrator/owner of the SMS Portal Website

This menu is used in the frontend of the sms portal website to manage members, credit members, manage phonebooks etc.

Admin Menu

Admin Control Panel: It has all the Icons of the admin menu in it.

Settings: This is where you configure your website time, date, Database Auto-Backup, Messaging, SPC Registration Settings, SPC Notification Settings, SPC Gateway/API Settings, SPC Filtering, Prices, Payment Gateways and Numbers, and SPC Additional Settings

SPC News: You will be getting latest news of bug fix to update your SPC

Admin Roles: Use this to set roles of admins if you have more than one administrator managing the website.

API Manager: This is where you will be able to create new API in case you want to use multiple sms providers

Manage Members: You can manage your customer accounts, view/edit their details here.

Credit Members: You can credit members/customers here, you can as well approve credit that was previously ordered by your customer, customers can pay online and get sms credit automatically if the payment gateway is configured and added in the settings of the sms portal creator. You will need a VOGUEPAY MACHERNT ID to be able to accept online payment.

Transaction History: Transaction records are kept here, you can view records of day to day transactions done by admins, and customers.

Draft Messages: Use this to manage Drafted SMS messages

Vouchers: Use this to create or Manage SMS vouchers, you can create voucher codes in series and sell to your customers.

Phonebook: Use this to manage all phonebooks that are created in the SPC

Message History: Use this to view all Messages that were sent from the sms portal, view delivery status of the messages.

Debt Profile: Use this to manage debtors, it is possible to credit customers on debt and you may likely forget you did so, but with this in place, you can view those who are owing or remove them from debtors list.

Price Models: This is used to create/edit SMS Price Globally on your sms platform, you can set a special price for SMS credit or default sms price.

Phone Number Sales: Selling Phone numbers from your Database is one of the things that boost your sales especially when you have much phone numbers in your database, you can set numbers base on location and sell them to your customers who need them for promotional purpose.

Member Statistics: Use the form to generate member statistics to view credit analysis

Messages Summary: Use this to manage SMS Usage Summary by Days and Sales Transaction Summary by Days

Bonus for Members: Give out SMS units to members, you can decide to give to all registered members or all active members or all members with approved transactions.

Periodic Bonuses: Use this to give periodic sms credit bonus to all registered costumers, costumers can use the sms credit to send sms free of charge, but the sms delivers with your signature inclusive inform of promoting your website.

VoguePay Merchant IDs: This is where you add your merchant ID after getting it from VOGUEPAY.

System Tools: These tools are used to create new alert for members, clear pending msgs, clear all special costs, clear all special API, delete all pending transactions, delete draft msgs, delete all pending alerts, and delete all used vouchers. 


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