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How to use Recaptcha in Joomla

Native reCAPTCHA was added into Joomla in version 2.5. Using reCAPTCHA is a great way of preventing bots from making fake accounts and content on your site. There are four steps to setting up reCAPTCHA:

  1. Log in to your administrator back-end,
  2. Go to your Plugin Manager. You can find this under the Extensions drop-down menu in the top menu or in the Control Pannel page.
  3. Edit the Plugin Captcha - ReCaptcha
    • Set¬†Status¬†to¬†Enabled
    • Copy and paste the Public and Private keys in their appropriate fields.
      • You will get the Public and Private keys by signing in with your Google account (create it if you don't have one) here:¬†Create a reCAPTCHA key
      • Once you have registered your website domain, Google will provide your ReCAPTCHA keys.
    • Click¬†Save & Close
  4. To enable reCAPTCHA
    • For Contact forms and the Registration form
      • Go to¬†Global Configuration, and select the¬†Site¬†tab.
      • Choose¬†Captcha - ReCaptcha¬†in the¬†Default Captcha¬†field.
      • Click¬†Save & Close.
    • For the Registration form only
      • Go to the¬†User Manager. You can find it under the¬†Users¬†top menu or in the¬†Control Pannel¬†page.
      • In the¬†Component¬†tab in the¬†Options¬†chooses one of the following for the¬†Captcha:
        • Use Default¬†- that is the default setting and follows the¬†Default Captcha¬†field setting in your¬†Global Configuration.
        • None Selected¬†- that setting ignores the¬†Default Captcha¬†setting in¬†Global Configuration. Use it when you want ReCAPTCHA in the Contact forms but not in the Registration form.
        • Captcha - ReCaptcha¬†- Only needed if the¬†Default Captcha¬†in the¬†Global Configuration¬†is set to¬†None Selected¬†but you want the ReCAPTCHA not in Contact forms but in the Registration form.
      • Click¬†Save & Close.

That's it! You're done!