DND Policy - How to Deactivate it


You must now be fully aware of the new DO-NOT-DISTURB policy of the Nigerian Communication Commission where GSM networks bar subscribers from receiving messages on their phone lines (MTN to be precise).

Ordinarily the policy is harmless, but as everything  goes in our dear country Nigeria, this policy has turn out to be a nightmare to those of us using web sms platform.

The purpose of the DO-NOT-DISTURB policy is very simple, for instance, if a subscriber does not want to receive unwanted messages such as advertisement from custom numbers it is just as simple as sending ‘STOP’ to 2442 for MTN to activate the service and that subscriber no longer receives such messages and if he or she feels like receiving the messages again on his or her telephone line, it is just to send ‘ALLOW’ to 2442.

It is meant to be optional, but what the GSM networks (especially MTN) did was to force some of their subscribers to the service and so subscribers in that category are not receiving messages on their MTN line when they do not in the first instance subscribe to the service and if they send ‘ALLOW’ to 2442 the response they usually get is that they are not subscribed to the DO-NOT-DISTURB service.

The truth is if you continue to send ‘ALLOW’ to 2442 one million times that is the response you will continual get because the restriction is network system induced, but the good news is that we are here to tell you how you can go about it and deactivate that service on your phone line and begin to receive messages on your telephone line and then spread the news to others because the truth is that the GSM networks (especially MTN) are cheating on us. They charge BulkSMS providers for messages they do not deliver to the recipient and that is more money for them.


  1. Send ‘STOP’ to 2442, wait for the response from the GSM network. In this case you have activated the DO –NOT- DISTURB service on your phone line,  This is the only way you can start receiving messages on your phone line (MTN Subscribers only)
  2. Send ‘ALLOW’ to 2442 and wait for the response. Once you get the second response, your MTN line is ready to receive messages.




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DND Issue Resolved:

The default sender ID are now rUPDATE to MTN.  Whatever sender ID you use to send SMS will automatically be  replaced by the new default sender ID. Please, endeavour to add your sender name in the message to indicate it is from you.

With Our corporate route, your messages will enjoy real-time magic delivery to all Nigerian numbers regardless of the DND status. We shall keep you posted on the progress we are making. Thank you for your perfect understanding.

Please note: SMS Charges to MTN is now 2 units/SMS.